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You do not have to be a large multinational company to use billboards, with Pzazz Media, we work with sole traders, and businesses at a community level, alongside the larger companies, to deliver a high quality and professional service.


From booking just 1 billboard for a local event, to booking multiple boards nationwide, we have made many thoughts and ideas a reality.


If you have never used outdoor advertising before, or if you are a seasoned veteran, we can help and advise you along the way, wherever necessary.


With over 220 Billboard Sites spread across all the major cities & towns of Ireland, we are one of the largest OOH companies in Ireland.


Getting Started...

The Key Questions;

  1. Who is your target market?

  2. What are you trying to promote? E.g. new product.

  3. Where are you focusing the campaign, main city’s or nationwide?

  4. When are you looking to advertise? See cycle dates here.

  5. What is your budget? – account for creative, board rental and print.

Understanding Objective and Selecting Sites

The Key questions above, will help us straight away identify and understand your objectives. Based on your budget we will then prepare a detailed list of recommended sites.


We will include site reference numbers, Google map links, pictures, rate cards, print costs, cycle dates, and any other information that you request.

Once you have chosen the sites and cycles you are interested in, we can check availability and book the sites in.


Creating the Creative & Printing

Then it is onto the creative – We will email you the specs required for your formats booked. If your graphic designer needs any assistance in creating the file, we will be more than happy to assist.

Once the artwork is created you can send it to us by email.

We will have our printers check over the design and create an e-proof, for you to approve.

Once you are happy with the design, we will print and have the posters/banners sent out ready to be put up.  

You have two options when it comes to printing; a single use poster, or multiple use PVC Banner, the material you use will depend on the duration and location of your campaign.

To ensure your campaign is posted on time, we need to have at least 2 weeks to get artwork organised, approved, printed and delivered on site ready to go.


Campaign goes live 

The advertising industry works on a cycle basis, and there are 26 cycles in the year, so starting from the Monday, every 14 days the billboards will change design.

In general, all sites are posted by the 3rd day of the cycle, and they will be live for 14 days from date of display.

Once your campaign goes up, we will email you the posting date and a proof of posting picture.

We monitor all sites for weather damages etc and will repair/repost within 48 hours of a damage report.



Invoices are sent via email, but we can also post on request.  Payments are accepted by Bank Transfer and Cheque.

If you have not advertised with us before, the first 3 campaigns will require payment on booking, before the artwork goes to print.  If paying by cheque, please allow time for this to clear in the bank.

Please note that once we have confirmed your order by email, should you wish to cancel, then a full cancelation fee will apply.


If you need more information on the above, please contact us here, or visit our FAQ page.

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