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Billboards demand the consumers attention; the striking scale of the units alone is enough to grab the consideration of the majority of people. The result is that they can influence the decisions of your target market and generate memorable messages.

Billboards also reinforce other media avenues, creating a comprehensive solid campaign reaching all target audiences.

Pzazz Media operate several Billboard formats, the specs of the most popular ones are detailed below:

48 Sheet Billboards

The 48 Sheet Landscape Billboard is the most popular size available nationwide.

We also have a number of portrait orientated 48 Sheets on offer.

These sites are available in both country and city locations. They form the backbone of the majority of OOH campaigns. 


 48 Sheet Dimensions

  • 3048 mm x 6096 mm

  • 3.048 m x 6.096 m

  • 10 ft x 20 ft

D57 Dundrum Dublin_edited.jpg

96 Sheet Billboards

A 96-sheet billboard measures a mighty 10ft x 40ft, this is the largest landscape advertising platform of its type available to clients, and essentially consists of two 48-sheets side by side in a single, compelling package. Make no mistake, a 96-sheet billboard is large, eye-catching and exceptionally difficult to ignore, while it is also arguably one of the most effective marketing channels for leaving a lasting impact in the minds of customers.

These immense billboards are likely to be found at roadsides, particularly prominent motorways and junctions across Ireland. Brands also like to position them close to large car parks, and these locations make sense when you consider that Irish motorists spend an average of two days a year stuck at red lights and even more time

waiting in car parks.



96 Sheet Dimensions

  • 3048 mm x 12192 mm

  • 3.048 m x 12.192 m

  • 10 ft x 40 ft


Golden Squares

Golden Squares are a firm fixture on outdoor media plans. Similar to a 96 sheet, the Golden Square is made up of two 48 sheets, one above the other forming a Square. These hugely impressive adverts are located in some of the most exclusive, high profile areas of Dublin city centre.



Golden Square Dimensions

  • 6096 mm x 6096 mm

  • 6.096 m x 6.096 m

  • 20 ft x 20 ft

Wexford St._edited.jpg


The smallest of our formats, but this by no means lessens the impact. It measures the same height as a 48 sheet, but it is not as wide. Its size means that it can be on display in areas not normally accessible with the larger formats.

Located at bespoke locations in high profile areas across Ireland's main cities, Europanels deliver strong audience levels.


Europanel Dimensions

  • 3048 mm x 4064 mm

  • 3.048m x 4.064m                                                    

  • 14 ft x 10 ft

WW02.Euro Panel_edited.jpg

Premium Lightboxes

Pzazz Media Premium Sites form a network of next generation, backlit, superior quality lightboxes. These unmissable formats are located in Dublin & Cork on main urban arterial routes, at handpicked locations with heavy traffic flow. They provide an exceptional canvas for outdoor campaigns. Contact us for site specific details on these units.

newbridge 2_edited.jpg
D27 - Virgin_edited.jpg
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