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Please see below the most frequently asked questions when it comes to Large Format Outdoor Advertising.

If you need any further information, please contact us here.

When should we contact you to plan a campaign?

Planning several months ahead of a scheduled campaign is always recommended, as a lot of our sites are booked out well in advance.

We also have an option for last minute campaigns, if you have a general catchment area and don’t need to be site specific, with artwork prepared in advance, we can organise it in less than a week – contact us here for more information on last minute sales.


How long will my advertisement be on display?

The advertising industry works on a 2-week cycle, with 26 cycles in the year.

The Cycle starts from the Monday, and your campaign will run for 14 days from date of display.

Please note that not every site nationwide can be changed on the Monday, therefore check with us the day your site is scheduled for posting.

The cycle dates can be found here.


What are the dimensions of the Billboards?

There are several different formats/sizes available for advertising OOH, we have further details here.

What are the stages of a campaign in a nutshell?

  • Identify what you need to promote, when and where.

  • Contact us and we will recommend sites to match.

  • Availability is checked and sites are booked.

  • You generate artwork to match the site specs and email it to us.

  • We will print and erect the designs for your scheduled date

  • You will receive posting dates and proof of posting pictures.


What if I don’t have a designer to prepare artwork?

Pzazz Media do not create artwork, but we can recommend designers.

Please note however, it is your responsibility to communicate directly with your chosen designer.  


What are the Key factors to consider when planning OOH?

  1. Who is your target market?

  2. What are you trying to promote? E.g. new product.

  3. Where are you focusing the campaign, main city’s or nationwide?

  4. When are you looking to advertise? See cycle dates here.

  5. What is your budget – you need to account for creative, board rental and print.


Are the Posters/Banners Reusable?

Posters can only be used once on a Billboard. They are generally used for short-term campaigns of 2-4 weeks, as they can get damaged by harsh weather. Once the campaign is finished, they are then recycled.  

PVC Banners / Lightbox Skins can be used more than once and can be moved to other sites if needed. The material can also be returned to the customer or stored for future use. If they are no longer needed, they can also be recycled.


What are the costs involved?

We have over 220 billboards located Nationwide in Ireland, and costs varies depending on the locations, size, accessibility and print material used. Contact us here for specific site costs. 


How do I get started? / Any further questions?

Phone us on 046 9437398 or email

We can walk you through the whole process from start to finish.


Feedback / Customer Reviews

We love to get feedback on campaigns, let us know how your campaign delivered results for your business. 

Email us here.

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