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What does it take to create a successful advertising campaign? From identifying your advertising goals to monitoring the success of your campaign, we'll help you sort things out and make your advertising work for you. Here are the five basic steps that the most seasoned agencies and advertisers follow.


Campaign Goals

Not all advertising campaigns are alike. Nor should they be, as each company putting together an advertising campaign is trying to accomplish something unique to its own set of marketing goals and strategies. There are a variety of advertising strategies available that will enable you to achieve your advertising goals. 

The key to success is executing a campaign designed around your specific, desired results.

Our sales reps can help by identifying your campaign goals from the start and provide research and strategies to target and effectively reach more of your potential customers. Contact us to start planning your advertising campaign.



If you want to make a name for yourself, advertising can deliver name and brand recognition. A branding campaign is a long-term, continuous presence in the marketplace. The singular goal of this type of campaign is to generate high consumer awareness. The result being that consumers think of you, and only you when making purchasing decisions. This type of focused advertising continuity builds familiarity, and familiarity builds trust in your business, product and/or service.

Simple, focused brand advertising is the key to getting your customers to remember your company first when in need of your product or service. You want to get noticed for what you do and who you are. 

First, what is the one most important thing you want your customers to think about when they think of your company or product? Consider what makes you unique in the marketplace or what you deliver better to your customers than the competition. Then, take a healthy, critical look at your brand. Visually, does your logo do a good job of representing your company? Next,  make sure your branding message also evokes that thought or feeling effectively. 

A strong branding campaign will effectively increase top of mind awareness for your business, product, or service. Once you're sure this is being accomplished, it's time to ask consumers for their business with more specific call-to-action campaigns.

Call to Action

Call to action advertising generates great results because it appeals to our human tendency to learn by doing. When consumers feel the desire to take an action, they're actively learning about your company, brand, or product. People retain more information for a longer amount of time when we’re actively doing something with that information. In this instance, that information is you: your product, service, sale or event.


A call-to-action campaign can run short term (days, weeks or a few months), and can be successful quickly as long as your media mix can reach a high percentage of your target audience in that short time frame. This media mix should be able to quickly execute time sensitive campaigns, new products or seasonal specials that consumers should take advantage of within a set period of time. The benefit of this campaign is that you are able to capture the consumers' attention and have them act upon a particular promotion immediately.

Designs that Stand Out

Change the visual landscape of the environment. Make headlines. Utilize the latest technologies. Exceptional out-of-home (OOH) advertising design has the ability to do all that and more.

When created successfully, OOH ads become a part of a city’s visual landscape. Learn the simple rules behind creating the most effective OOH ads, what creative possibilities set OOH advertising apart from other media and how our creative services can take your advertising further.

Get ready to start turning heads.

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